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Wegmans employees from the Crofton store volunteer at large flowerbeds in Glen Burnie.

The work day with Wegmans is complete and what a transformation.  They sent 10 great volunteers along with hansa roses, nandinas, and hostas!  Nicki Fiocco arranged for the mulch and tools.  In a short time the gardens were raked and weeded including the removal of too many Tree of Heaven.  Did anyone know it smells like peanut butter?  I’ve attached some before and after pictures but they really don’t do it justice.  If you’re in the area swing through Greenway Rd SE and near the intersection with 5th Ave you’ll see what a difference a few hours from a generous business can provide to a community.  And remember we’re looking for possibly 3 new flowerbed volunteers to tend to the renewed gardens!


This Flowerbed was finished as a project by Volunteer Brandon Zebron.  Awesome job Brandon. 








There are numerous flowerbed opportunities along the trails.  Many volunteers maintain the flowerbeds as a group project for an organization or business.  Others dedicate their efforts to a family member.  The reasons are as varied as the plants growing in the beds. 


The majority of the flowerbeds are 8’ x 8’ squares bordered with railroad ties connecting the trail to its legacy.  Each flowerbed receives a commemorative plaque identifying the volunteer gardener(s) and a designated honoree.      








CAN YOU HELP A GARDEN GROW?  Flowerbeds currently available for adoption...

Flowerbeds currently available for adoption are listed below.  Thank you for your interest in enhancing the beauty and experience of being on the trail system.  Please contact us for more information about adopting an available flowerbed or to be added to our waiting list of flowerbed volunteers.  To check into adopting a flowerbed please contact us.

These three beds, just south of 5th Ave. in Glen Burnie are currently ready for a gardner or gardening family.  It's a great time to plant.  You can adopt one, two or all three.



·         B&A Trail - mile marker 11.5 (8’ x 8’)

       o   Identification marker is Flowerbed #58 although this bed is located near other flowerbeds marked as   #40 – between Aquahart Rd & 5th Ave in Glen Burnie

















The flowerbed below is also in Glen Burnie and needs some TLC.  There are a lot of really nice plantings in it.


Super Easy access with water right there! Already has some great plants and you can chat with the Rangers. 

Right at the Earleigh Heights Ranger Station under a well established Holly Tree:



















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