Our Annual Meeting

Do yourself a favor each fall and stop by the Friends Annual Meeting.

This year the Meeting is Tuesday, October 22nd at 7:00 PM at Woods Memorial Church Fellowship Hall. Everyone is invited.  Stay for everything, or just drop by to ask a few questions.

Get to know the Board Members who enjoy contributing their time and energies to keeping our trail system vibrant, beautiful and ever expanding. Their enthusiasm will boost your spirits. Each Board Member has a specific responsibility, whether it is managing administrative duties, spearheading the care of the flowerbeds along the B&A Trail, keeping our history detailed and available, promoting our Lasting Gifts Program, organizing our yearly Planet Walk, encouraging personal and business memberships, managing our website, communicating our activities with the media, or maintaining the gardens at Trail Headquarters.


Meet the men and women of the Trailblazers who patrol the B&A Trail, making themselves available if help is needed. Look over our library of Trail Talk, our monthly e-newsletter highlighting trail news, volunteers, events, plant life and sacred places. Nosh on goodies, most especially our signature “trail mix.” We never have a meeting or event without it!

Each year a speaker is selected to enhance our knowledge of what’s current in trail development, bike safety or other hot topics. This year our keynote speaker will be Jon Korin Bike AAA founder and all around amazing guy who never gives up a chance for a microphone. Mark Garrity, Director of Parks, will also give an update on trail related projects. Sue Payne and Nate Cramer, Park Rangers, will present awards to the Trailblazers. We hope to see you there!

Join us at our Annual Meeting to celebrate our unique community role in promoting, protecting and enhancing and our trails in Anne Arundel County!