Hatton-Regester Green

Hatton-Regester Green was one of Friends first “big” enhancement projects. Like an artist with a blank paper and palette, the Friends started with a piece of virtually vacant land adjacent to the trail, in the heart of Severna Park. The professional landscape design and work for Hatton-Regester Green was done by Richard McIntyre, a former Friends Board member.

Winding paths, a gazebo, a water feature and beautiful landscaping and plants were all incorporated into the plan. With lots of hard work from our devoted partners in Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks and all of our neighborhood volunteers, and partners the project began to take shape.

Today Hatton-Regester Green is not only home to our Summer Concert Series, but is a haven to County residents looking for a moment of respite and relaxation. During the daytime the benches throughout the park are occupied with people sipping coffee, enjoying picnic lunches and just soaking in the tranquility of the park.

The gardens in Hatton-Regester are maintained by Friends and various Garden Clubs in the area. Including Moonflower Garden club and Hollyberry Garden club. Many of the benches are lasting gifts dedicated to loved ones and friends. Hatton-Regester Green is also home to our brick pathways where you can remember a friend, family member, pet or just put your “thanks” out for everyone to see and enjoy. See our Lasting Gifts page for more information about bricks and benches.

The world war II memorial was moved to Hatton Regester from across B&A Blvd.

Visit Hatton-Regester Green “North”

Few know, but if you wander just past the Severna Park Chamber of Commerce building, there’s another small area of Hatton-Regester Green complete with a dedicated bench and some beautiful landscaping. Check out the rain garden.