Proposed New Trails

Two new trails are progressing through design and construction:

South Shore Trail was planned to use the roadbed of the South Shore Division of the WB&A Electric Railroad. However, many areas of the roadbed have become wetlands, thus requiring the acquisition of other land for the trail. The Friends will also support this trail after construction starts.

The Broadneck Trail will go from the B&A Trail to Bay Head Park through the College Parkway corridor. The first section was completed and dedicated in 2013. The groundbreaking for Phase II, which will run from Cape St. Claire to Arnold was held on May 9, 2018.  This second phase will extend the trail from Bay Dale Drive to Green Holly Drive. The first phase construction runs from Green Holly to College Parkway East. Ultimately the Broadneck and B&A Trails will connect.

The third phase is currently budgeted for design in the upcoming budget and construction the year after. Another phase (1B) is currently being studied to connect College Parkway East to Bay Head Park.  When completed, the project will provide a paved multi-use trail running from the B & A Trail to Sandy Point State Park