Flowerbed Care, Maintenance & Memorials
There are numerous flowerbed opportunities along the trails. Many volunteers maintain the flowerbeds as a group project for an organization or business. Others dedicate their efforts to a family member. The reasons are as varied as the plants growing in the beds.

The majority of the flowerbeds are 8’ x 8’ squares bordered with railroad ties connecting the trail to its legacy. Each flowerbed receives a commemorative plaque identifying the volunteer gardener(s) and a designated honoree.


See Photos and Descriptions Below for the Current Flower Beds up for Adoption.


Well established garden in the back of Arnold Station, requiring very little maintenance.


Arnold Station Rain Garden, well established and low maintenance.


Just North of Jones Station is a bed for a group project with many hostas & invasives. Easily seen from B&A Blvd.


Greenway Rd SE Glen Burnie: Nandinas, Hansa Roses & Daffodils fill this 25 ft garden bed on a newly paved and highly visible section of the B&A Trail. Great site for a group project!


Bulletin Board Severna Park with a small, but very visible site requires just a little TLC!

Can you help a garden grow?

Thank you for your interest in enhancing the beauty and experience of being on the trail system. Please contact us for more information about adopting an available flowerbed or to be added to our waiting list of flowerbed volunteers.


Flowerbed Request